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When drinking water just doesn't taste good

Apr 21, 2021

Wenn Trinkwasser einfach nicht schmeckt

When our senses warn us

Nature purposely endowed us with good senses so that we can intuitively smell and taste danger. This natural protection prevents us from poisoning ourselves. Over time we have learned to distinguish good from bad water, because it was essential for survival. Today this reflex has remained. If we don't like the drink, we turn up our noses and just want one thing - not to drink any more.

Wasser schmeckt nicht

decalcifying plants

As already mentioned, decalcification systems can adversely change the taste of drinking water. In order to filter out the calcified ions (magnesium in the form of Mg2+ and calcium in the form of Ca2+), an ion exchange resin is usually used. This consists of a modified plastic. The plastic was previously charged with other ions (e.g. H+ or Na+). In the ion exchange with the calcified ions, these are then gradually released. The plastic also emits chemicals that can adversely affect the taste of the water.


An honor rare phenomenon in Germany is the chlorination of drinking water. This is usually only carried out in emergencies, e.g. if a violent thunderstorm has temporarily contaminated the drinking water supply. However, most of us have already experienced such chlorination. This is also associated with the resulting waste products, which are also usually taste-changing. These can be rinsed out for a while after the emergency chlorination.

Activated carbon layer in DrinkPure filters these smells

With DrinkPure, bad smells and tastes can be filtered out of the water. This happens on the activated carbon. The activated carbon offers a very large surface. Just a single gram can provide up to 3000 m2 of surface. The taste-altered substances get caught on this enormous surface and are thus filtered.

Gepresste Aktivkohle

DrinkPure uses the best coconut activated carbon. This is known for its extreme surface and reliably filters bad smells and tastes. But as you read through it, you must have already realized that other chemicals also get stuck on this enormously large surface. You may also be interested in the fact that DrinkPure is reliable Pesticides from tap water can filter.

DrinkPure also filters other substances out of the water. Here you can find an overview of what DrinkPure can filter.