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With our practical filter subscription, you can conveniently receive filters and limescale reducers at home. You can get our subscriptions in two versions - with limescale reducer (19.90 CHF per month) or without (13.90 CHF per month). Both variants can of course be canceled on a monthly basis.

This is how the subscriptions work:
You can cancel or adjust your subscription at any time, otherwise it will be automatically renewed every month. We ship your filters every 2 months.

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Water filter subscription

Would you like to enjoy water without worries?

Then our replacement filters and limescale reducers subscription are just right for you. If you choose our drinkpure subscription, you have various advantages:
  • We will automatically send you your replacement filter including three limescale reducers conveniently by post every two months! So as soon as you receive mail from us, you will know that it is time to change your filter again. In between, you can easily replace your limescale reducer every 20 days.
  • From Swiss development and production
  • The subscription is conveniently debited every month from your selected payment method and can be canceled monthly. You can manage your subscription independently at any time via your customer account.
  • Filters germs, microplastics, rust and bad smells, hormones, pesticide and medication residues
  • The limescale reducer is simply placed on the filter cartridge and must be used with a drinkpure filter cartridge - the aim is to improve the taste.
  • Flow rate between 0.5 - 3 L/min depending on water pressure (min. 1 bar) and water quality

Easy filter change!

Changing the filter is very easy, as the following video shows! 

Additional tricks from the experts

1) Insert the filter with the white side facing the direction of the water
2) Grease the thread – the thread can be greased with a little petroleum jelly. This makes it easier for you to screw the filter housing on and then open it again.

triple filtration!

Our drinkpure filters have three filter layers installed:

1) Pre-filter up to 10 microns
2) Patented high performance membrane up to 0.3 microns
3) Activated carbon filter made from natural coconut shells

This allows various impurities to be filtered out, for example:

Germs ✔ Rust ✔ Microplastics ✔ Pesticides ✔ Hormones ✔ Drug residues ✔ Bad smells ✔

Why do I need the limescale reducer?

Hard water can adversely affect the taste of water

Lime is made up of calcium and magnesium, two important minerals that are supplied to the body through drinking. However, a lot of lime can adversely affect the taste of the water.

If you don't drink the water anymore because of this, then we don't want to just leave you out in the rain. With our limescale reducer you can remove limescale. Since humans themselves have a good sense of taste, you will quickly notice the difference.

With our limescale reducer your water becomes softer in the easiest way - for up to 20 days! Installation is child's play.

Place the limescale reducer in combination with our filter cartridge in the drinkpure.

The water is now softer AND is filtered!

Shipping Information


The shipping costs are already included.

delivery terms

Orders from Switzerland are shipped from our Wettingen AG warehouse via Swiss Post. Orders from the EU area are sent via our warehouse in Germany. Other international shipments are brought to you via FedEx. Please note that we cannot take packing stations abroad into account. We only deliver by mail. Unfortunately, a self collection of the product is not possible.

We ship our filters and replacement filters in extra hygienic packaging. This is a sign that the filter was originally packaged by us. Please note that after opening the hygiene packaging, your right to return expires within 14 days. We have extra

delivery time

With our filter subscription, we send you a package every 2 months with the appropriate number of filters and limescale reducers.

If you order by 3:00 p.m. on weekdays, we will usually send your order on the same working day. We always strive to deliver on time. Due to the current situation, we only have limited influence on third-party services. In any case, we ask you to contact our customer service if you have any questions about your delivery:

refund policy

If you would like to return the product, you can return your order within 14 days of receipt. The return period begins from the day you take possession of the goods. Please note that the returned goods must be in a resalable condition and the hygienic packaging must not be opened or damaged.

Subscription - Payment / Cancellation

With our filter subscription, the amount of the selected subscription
debited monthly. You can easily use the payment method for this during the
Choose checkouts yourself. Each subscription variant can be canceled monthly. You can
Manage your subscription yourself in your customer account.



Every subscription can be canceled monthly! To cancel your subscription,
All you need to do is log in to your customer account and stop the subscription. In
You can of course also easily change your address in your customer account
change the payment method.