Our technology

The latest technology in water filtration

Smallest water filter

The drinkpure filter cartridge is the smallest of its kind, which combines common activated carbon filtration with the latest membrane technology.

Not only are odors, pesticides and hormones removed from tap water, but thanks to the patented membrane, even the smallest particles such as microplastics, rust or bacteria are filtered.

In addition, replacing the filter is child's play!

Water filtration like in a waterworks

Water treatment is a multi-stage process, so we use various filter stages that filter the water. It's hard to believe, but in drinkpure the water is pushed through four stages!

The Trinity of Water Filtration

The drinkpure filter cartridge consists of three filter layers through which every single water molecule must flow. First, the pre-filter is flowed through with a fineness of 10 micrometers (shown here in white).

This is followed by the patented filter membrane with a fineness of 0.3 micrometers (in green). Finally, the water flows through a layer of high-quality activated carbon.

Pre-filtration protects the membrane

The fine pre-filter is an important component. The filter medium itself can be compared to coffee filter paper. It protects the subsequent membrane from excessive exposure to particles (e.g. sand). This means that it can filter for longer. In addition, the pre-filter protects the high-performance membrane from contact. The filter medium itself can be compared to coffee filter paper.

The membrane with its billions of pores

The heart of every drinkpure filter is the membrane. Manufactured by Novamem AG, this filter stage achieves something extraordinary.

With its billions upon billions of pores, it filters the smallest components out of the water, such as rust or microplastics. Pathogens are also retained at the membrane pores.

The image shows the membrane cross section under the electron microscope. In reality, the membrane is as thick as a human hair. This picture impressively shows the sieve function of the membrane, because the water has to flow through every single pore!

Ion exchange material

Yes, with drinkpure you have the option of adding a limescale reducer! But this is not about water softening. As the name suggests, this plastic resin exchanges hard ions (e.g. calcium ions or magnesium ions) for soft ions (in our case protons).

Important minerals such as calcium and magnesium should still be present in drinking water. We have therefore defined the limescale reducer in such a way that a small part of the “limescale” is removed – and the water tastes softer!