drinkpure simply transforms your tap water into healthy drinking water.

No installation under-the-sink required. Simply screw it onto the tap and off you go.

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Four reasons for

Why you should filter your tap water
instead of buying bottled water.

Live healthier! Without any chemicals, the drinkpure filter reliably removes impurities from your tap water.

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Save money! A family of 4 saves around 1,000 SFr by switching to tap water. yearly.

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Protect the environment! Bottled water causes over 500 times more CO2 per liter than tap water. It is also often sold in plastic bottles.

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No more heavy lifting! One person carries water bottles with a total weight of approx. 1 ton. per year

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What does

Pesticides ✔ Medications ✔ Hormones ✔ Microplastics ✔
Germs ✔ Rust ✔ Bad smells ✔

The innovative drinkpure filter cartridge combines common activated carbon filtration with the latest membrane technology. Not only are odors, pesticides and hormones removed from tap water, but thanks to the patented membrane, even the smallest particles such as microplastics, rust or bacteria are being filtered. All without chemicals.

The easiest way to filtered water

The drinkpure filter does not require any substructure or other complex installations. The filter is simply plugged onto the tap using an adapter.

Ready for use at any time.

You can plug and unplug the drinkpure filter at any time in a matter of seconds. This gives you the choice of when you want to use filtered water. Simple and convenient.

Easy filter change

The drinkpure filter contains a filter cartridge that should be changed every 2 months. Optionally, you can use a lime reducer for improved taste, which should be changed every 2-3 weeks. The change is very easy and can be done in under 30 seconds.


The convenient drinkpure filter subscription.

With our filter subscription you can get the filter cartridges and limescale reducers delivered directly to your home easily and conveniently. For just 19.99 SFr. per month you have an unlimited source of water in your home. That's less than 2 boxes of "ViO Still" water. No lifting heavy bottles or returning empty ones.

Our filter subscription can of course be canceled on a monthly basis. If you buy the filter subscription and our filter together, you will receive another SFr 30. Discount.


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