Why filter water?

What are the advantages of
drinkpure ?

Sure, with drinkpure you can filter tap water quickly and easily.
But the advantages go far beyond that!


You live healthier!

drinkpure transforms your tap into a healthy drinking water source with its innovative filter technology. Unfortunately, there are contaminants that our waterworks are inadequately equipped to deal with. Pesticides, hormones and microplastics continually find their way into our water system. After heavy rainfall, the number of germs can also rise above the limit values. In addition, old pipes worsen our water quality with rust.


This is how you save money

It's no secret that you save a lot of money if you filter your tap water and avoid bottled water! 1.5 L PET bottles of your branded spring water will cost you at least 1.20 SFr per bottle, while table water from the discounter costs 13 cents per bottle. A family of four can save up to 1000 SFr per year with drinkpure - the initial costs for drinkpure included! With our filter subscription, in addition to a price advantage, you also get all replacement filters delivered quickly and easily to your home.


Never carry water again!

How many times have you had to carry water bottles? A typical pack of 6 with 1.5 liter PET bottles weighs just under 10 kg. On average, a person carries around 1 ton of water per year. With drinkpure you can save yourself 50x the lugging around! Now imagine if they were glass bottles. You will see that your everyday life will change for the better!


Better for you. Better for the environment.

With drinkpure you save over 99% PET! An average 1.5 L PET bottle weighs around 30g. This means that for 500 liters of filtered tap water you already have a plastic amount of 10kg. In comparison, your entire drinkpure filter has a total weight of approx. 100g.