What does the filter structure look like?

DrinkPure uses a unique combination of multiple filter stages. The tap water flows through the following layers one after the other.

1) Pre-filter with a separation of up to 10 micrometers

2) Novamem DrinkPure high performance membrane with 0.3 micron separation

3) Activated carbon from naturally grown coconut shells

Can DrinkPure filter hot water?

The filter can be used with mixed water. However, the water should not be hotter than 65°C. The filter itself behaves like a mechanical sieve. Since hot water usually carries more deposits than cold water, the filter may become clogged sooner. However, the functions of the filter remain intact.

What about lime? Is limescale filtered?

If you are looking for a pure descaling filter, then DrinkPure is not for you. At DrinkPure we still want to have healthy minerals in our drinking water. Lime consists of calcium and magnesium and is necessary to a certain extent for our body.

But we also know that hard water is not pleasant to some people. It would be a shame if we left you out in the cold with the lime taste. That's why we have an optional lime reducer, which slightly reduces the lime content and makes the water taste softer. A limescale reducer lasts up to 20 days. Since the water hardness in our latitudes can vary by a factor of 20, it is difficult to give precise information.

However, if you want complete decalcification, you should consider installing a decalcification system at the entrance to the house. However, this can be done with costs starting from SFr. 3,000 including installation.

Does DrinkPure also work without a limescale reducer?

Yes, the limescale reducer is optional and included as standard in every starter set. You are welcome to replace them or throw them away the first time you change them. However, the filter must always contain a filter cartridge. Otherwise the filtration will not work.

How does the quick coupling work?

Thanks to the included coupling, you can remove or attach the filter in seconds. In this video you can see how

Will I see a change with a TDS meter? (minerals / conductivity)

A TDS device (Total Dissolved Solids) is used to measure the conductivity of water. This depends on the number of ions dissolved in the water. The device then converts the conductivity into a mineral value. The higher the value, the higher the number of ions in your drinking water.

Unfortunately, only minerals and salts form such ions in water and change the conductivity. This means that your TDS device primarily determines the mineral content of your drinking water (magnesium, calcium, etc.). Minerals are useful for the body and are not removed by the drinkpure filter.

Most of the impurities in drinking water are not detected by the TDS device because they do not form ions and therefore have no influence on the conductivity of the drinking water. These include, for example:

- Bacteria, viruses
- Microplastics, microparticles
- Turbidity, rust and sediment
- Hormones, drug residues, solvents

So we're sorry - but you won't be able to measure any significant change with drinkpure using your TDS device. In order to measure biological or chemical substances, specific equipment, measuring devices and well-equipped test laboratories are usually required.

With our university background, we know which tests need to be done, how and where. Here is a list:

Bacteria and Viral Filtration Report
Bacteria report
Pesticides Report
Report on microplastics
Tap water Indonesia, filtered
China tap water, filtered

What test reports are there?

DrinkPure is proven to remove more than 99.9999% bacteria, more than 99% microplastics and microparticles and reduces pesticides. The test reports were carried out by third-party laboratories. There are also two test reports with tap water from Jakarta (Indonesia) and Shanghai (China), which after filtration meets or even exceeds all WHO standards. All of our products are BPA free! Please ask us directly so that we can send these to you.

Bacteria and Viral Filtration Report

Bacteria report

Pesticides Report

Report on microplastics

Tap water Indonesia, filtered

China tap water, filtered

When it first flows through, the water is black. Is that normal?

It is normal for activated carbon dust to come along when you first use it. This is a sign that the filter is new and unused. During the production of activated carbon, some carbon dust is always created, which is then deposited in the fine pores of the activated carbon. This dust then needs to be flushed out. The activated charcoal is harmless and could also be eaten.

Can I drink safely from any source thanks to DrinkPure?

DrinkPure removes more than 99.9999% E-coli bacteria and 99% microplastics and microparticles. Bad smells, such as chlorine, are also reduced. Beyond that, we can’t make any blanket promises to you. DrinkPure offers a lot of safety, but it is still possible that a contaminant in drinking water cannot be removed or cannot be removed to a sufficient extent. There is therefore never 100% security. Basically, you are always safer with a filter than without!

Filter can no longer be opened, what can I do?

It may be that some limescale has built up in the thread over time and the filter is now stuck a bit. Try pouring a little olive oil into the thread and letting it rest for about an hour. You should then hold the wings on the filter with your weaker hand and screw them onto the ring (counterclockwise) with your strong hand.

I have an M22 female thread. How do I install DrinkPure?

I have an M24 external thread. How do I install DrinkPure?

I want to avoid plastic waste. Can I do this with DrinkPure?

DrinkPure HOME lasts about two months and filters up to 500 liters of tap water. This already corresponds to a PET reduction of over 99% if you imagine that you were able to avoid 500 x 1L PET bottles. Additionally, DrinkPure HOME has replaceable filter cartridges. So you don't have to buy the whole set again.

What do I need so that I can install DrinkPure?

We have put together starter sets especially for you. If you want to attach DrinkPure directly to a faucet, buy this. It contains:

- a filter housing
- the pre-installed quick coupling
- a replacement filter and a limescale reducer, already installed
- the standard M22 and M24 adapters

Here's how you can tell if you need more:

IMAGE M22 / 24

In the case of kitchen showerheads, we also have a special starter set . This includes a matching kitchen spray with a quick coupling already installed. All you have to do is unscrew your old shower head and install the new one - and you can enjoy filtered water.

We also have an offer for you for fittings that require recessed aerators . Our online thread helper or our customer service will be happy to help you if you have any questions about your personal situation.

Which kitchen faucets can DrinkPure be installed on?

DrinkPure is compatible with a variety of faucets. We deliver DrinkPure starter set with M22 and M24 adapters as standard. This means that in most cases you do not need any additional adapters.

Here is a brief overview.

Important – If you need an adapter, our customer service will be happy to help you. We stock pretty much all adapters and can advise you accordingly.

Incompatible fittings

Here is a short list of fittings that are not compatible with DrinkPure. This is not an exhaustive list. If you are unclear, please contact our customer service

KWC AVA line: This has an M18x2 thread on the hose and is therefore not compatible

What happens to the water flow once I installed my filter?

The filter basically reduces the flow because the water is pushed through different filter layers. The flow rates for a new filter can be between 1 - 5 L/min depending on the water pressure (min. 1 bar) and water quality. The filter is a mechanical sieve. If it becomes clogged and the water flow slows down, it means that it has retained large amounts of dirt and impurities from the tap water. Do you have questions about the water flow? Then contact our customer service !

Can DrinkPure be operated with a low-pressure fitting?

No, DrinkPure is
not suitable for low pressure fittings. With a low pressure fitting
There is a boiler under the sink. So you have to briefly go under that
Check the sink and check whether there is a boiler there.


How does the filter subscription work?

Our subscriptions is very simple: You choose the subscription option you want (with or without limescale reducer) and from now on you will receive a package from us every 2 months. The package will contain the filter for the next 2 months as well as 3 limescale reducers if you have chosen this option. The price for the subscription is debited monthly from your desired payment method and can be canceled monthly.

Why is payment made monthly and delivery only every 2 months?

Quite simply: for the love of the environment and because we trust you. We would like to try and send as few packages as possible. This reduces the environmental impact. We are aware that this way you get a supply for 2 months but have only paid for one. However, we consciously take this risk because 50% fewer packages are worth it to us.

How can I change my delivery address or payment method?

You simply log in to your customer account. There you have the option to adjust both the address and the payment method. All orders will then be sent to the new address with immediate effect.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can always cancel your subscription at the end of each month. To do this, all you have to do is log in to your customer account and go to the “Manage subscription” area. There you will find the “Cancel subscription” button.