Anna Maiwald - top athlete and DrinkPure water filter

May 27, 2021

Anna Maiwald - Spitzenathletin und DrinkPure Wasserfilterin

Anna Maiwald is a German track and field athlete and recently also a water filter. In order to be able to keep up at this top level, consciously examining your own body is part of your everyday life. In the following interview, find out more about why Anna consciously chose the DrinkPure water filter.

As a top athlete, your diet plays an important role in addition to training. What are you paying attention to? Why is healthy drinking water so important to you?

Actually, when it comes to nutrition, I only make sure that I eat a relatively balanced and healthy diet. Of course I try to keep my sugar consumption at a low level, but after hard training sessions or competitions I still treat myself to chocolate 😊 I think it's very important that you feel comfortable with what you eat and don't have to force yourself to do something every day certain things to eat – or not to eat.

However, healthy drinking water is very important to me because I have to drink a lot, especially in summer. I don't want to feed my body any "scrap".


Since the beginning of 2021 you have been drinking your tap water with the DrinkPure water filter. How did you find us?

I came across DrinkPure because I actually only drink tap water during training, but somehow always had the feeling that too much of it was giving me stomach pains and that I somehow didn't feel comfortable with it. So I looked on the internet to see what could be the reason for this and saw that the tap water can still be relatively polluted. I then wanted to remedy the situation and came across DrinkPure straight away during my research.

How has the filter affected your well-being and your athletic performance?

It's now much easier for me to drink enough during the training sessions because the water tastes better and somehow purer. I also feel more comfortable doing it because I know that I am doing something good for my body and that there are no longer any impurities in the water.


What are your water habits? How much water do you drink on a normal training day?

Unfortunately, I often find it difficult to drink enough. Actually, I should drink about 4 liters. Most of the time I manage between 2 and 3 liters per day. In winter I often have to force myself to drink 1.5 liters at all. The filtered water now also helps me because it simply tastes better and is therefore easier to drink 😊 I also have the feeling that my body tolerates the water better.


You travel a lot for work. Have you already taken your DrinkPure water filter with you on your travels?

So far I haven't had the filter with me - but that's a good idea 😉

Your big goal is to take part in the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. How is your preparation going? How do you rate your chances?

The preparations are actually going quite well, even though there are still a lot of Corona-related restrictions. But we try to make the best of it and take the chance of the few competitions that are offered.

I hope that I can then qualify for the Olympic Games via the world rankings. But of course I can't influence the performance of the others.

Thank you Anna for this interview. In any case, we keep our fingers crossed for you and that you may achieve your qualification!
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