DrinkPure HOME is super easy to install & will immediately turn your faucet into a stylish source of natural and healthy drinking water!

  • HOME BASIC – Save Money on Drinking Water

  • HOME CHROME – Shine with Safe Tap Water

  • HOME STEEL – Safe Tap Water without Compromise


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Drink Healthy & Save Money

If it really has to be safe: Our revolutionary water purifier removes pathogens, proven by accredited laboratories. DrinkPure HOME also reduces any unwanted smell and taste (e.g. chlorine) as well as pesticides and micro plastic. Enjoy healthy and tasty water directly from the tap.

  • "I can get clean and pure water straight out of my tap"


Faucet Filtration System with replaceable filter

  • 3 × smaller than any other system available on the market

  • Replaceable filter lasts up to 130 gallons (500 L)

  • Your filter fits all standard faucet sizes thanks to the included adapters and is easy to install

  • Includes simple coupling for unfiltered water, also fits on kitchen sprays

Save Money & Reduce Waste

Buying bottled water is expensive. One filter cartridge lasts up to 130 gallons (500 L) and can easily be replaced. Forget about buying expensive and heavy water bottles in your supermarket. DrinkPure HOME can help your family save money and reduce your plastic bottle waste. It’s time to take back the tap!

Proven Novamem DrinkPureTM Technology for your tap water

Our membranes already filtered water for travel and outdoor use under extreme conditions, such as lake or even pond water. Now, we bring clean drinking water to your tap by simply purifying it. See for yourself how DrinkPure HOME makes your tap water safe. A small hint, it’s more than just activated carbon filtration!


Self disinfecting pre-filtration media cleans your water by removing dirt and ensuring that your filter stays free from bacteria when not in use.


Activated carbon layer removes odors (e.g chlorine) & pesticides and gives your water natural taste.


Patented DrinkPure membraneTM makes your water safe by removing bacteria, viruses, rust, protozoa and cysts.

Patented technology EP2476724 (A1)

The DrinkPure HOME water filtration system uses a multilayer filter for your comfort and safety. The core of the filter is a polymer membrane which was invented by engineers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). It purifies your water without using any chemicals. The membrane with more than 3 billion pores has a very high flow rate. Our innovative membrane production reduces the water consumption substantially. Take back the tap with our technology. It’s that simple.

See for yourself what DrinkPure HOME can do for your tap water!

To see what DrinkPure HOME does, scroll over the icons below.

removes 99.9999% bacteria

removes 99% viruses

filters micro plastics

neutralizes odors (e.g. chlorine)

self disinfecting

tap water use

replaceable core

simple use, up to 500 L

Estimated shipment – May 2018

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Kickstarter Campaign
Mass Production of DrinkPure HOME
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Steady Progress

In 2015, we already had the idea to take back the tap.It would be so much more convenient if you could just filter your tap water instead of having to buy it at the supermarket! So we started do develop DrinkPure HOME. Now, almost two years later, we are ready to take back the tap! See our progress!

Simple Installation

Installing DrinkPure HOME is very simple. See for yourself! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

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