The mysteriously blue drink

In the blog last week, we recommended to try the local cocktail of Curaçao. The most famous cocktail is the blue one. So, when you invite your friends the next time and you need a special surprise for the evening – with this colorful cocktail you convince your friends at first sight.


An official Curaçao liqueur has to be made with the dried peels of the “Laraha”. Laraha is a bitter orange native to Curaçao, unfortunately the original cocktail will not be exported. However, here in Europe you can buy an alternative Liqueur “Bols Blue Curaçao” or simply you travel to Curaçao (it takes some hours to fly, so it might be an overachievement for “An evening with friends”).




1 scoop DrinkPure crushed ice

¼ oz sweet cream

¾ oz cream of coconut

¾ oz vodka

2 oz apple juice

1 ½ oz rum

¼ oz blue curacao liqueur


1 scoop DrinkPure crushed ice

1 cl sweet cream

2.5 cl cream of coconut

2.5 cl vodka

6 cl apple juice

5 cl rum

1 cl blue Curaçao liqueur


Make crushed ice with DrinkPure water and mix all ingredients together.

Decorate the cocktail with an exotic fruit and serve it directly.


We hope you can feel a summer feeling in your room.


Your DrinkPure Team


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