Donation Puerto Rico

First, we would like to thank all supporters, who made the project Puerto Rico reality.

Finally, we can share more information and feedback from Puerto Rico with you. A part of the donation we sent, went to the Rotary Club in Puerto Rico. They really went to extra mile to insure they impacted the right places. The Rotary team went to two towns in the country side, Corozal and Morovis, which have received very little help from the authorities such as Fema, and the local government. There they contacted local people, to help identifying the areas that truly needed the DrinkPure water filters. They were kind enough to take them and stay with them during their journey.

In the rural areas is very common for families to live in conglomerates of little houses, one next to the other. They encountered many of these conglomerates of families, where sometimes more than 10 people were living under one single roof. They also met many terminally ill people living alone, without water or electricity. Lots of garbage is still polluting the streets and most of the possessions is just gone. No roof or beds to sleep on!

All people were very grateful to see the Rotary club and were amazed by the technology of DrinkPure filters and their kindness. The Rotary team took also their time to explain the use of the filters in detail.

Today, one hundred people in Puerto Rico can drink safe water again and this is very rewarding for us. This would not have been possible without your help! So thank you again to all supporters for the project Puerto Rico.


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