Christmas story – Snowie

You think the life of a snowflake is boring? YOU ARE WRONG!

The adventure of Snowie started over the Ocean. During a cold night, a few water particles cuddled so hard that they just stuck together: Snowie was born! More and more freezing water joined Snowie. So she was steadily growing a perfectly hexagonal body. When she reached the enormous size of half a Millimeter, she even started growing some pointy arms!

In a cloud, Snowie was blown over the brownish thing called “Land”. Here, stinky, brown smoke was rising from large towers. Some of the dirty particles clang to her arms and body. Snowie felt sick!

She was still growing, but her arms started to look strange. One arm was too small. And when the fingers started growing, each arm looked different. Some arms had no fingers, others had fingers in strange directions or in deranged forms… Snowie knew if it wasn’t for the dirty smoke, she would be a perfectly grown and beautiful looking snowflake!

Eventually, Snowie was over four Millimeter wide, so large, she started dropping down. She looked quite beautiful now, but she could have looked even better without the dirt. Slowly, Snowie fell on top of a tree, along with thousands of her friends. She was glad she had the journey of her life.

And, if she hasn’t molten, she might still be on a tree somewhere.


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