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DrinkPure Water filters for Cambodia

DrinkPure Water filters for Cambodia (written by Andrea Brüschweiler, manager of the Swiss Non-Profit Association Seed – Small Beginnings) In January, I drove to a remote village in Cambodia with a bag full of DrinkPure filters. The village of Bech Khlok doesn’t have any access to tap water and especially not clean drinking water. The […]

Donation Puerto Rico

First, we would like to thank all supporters, who made the project Puerto Rico reality. Finally, we can share more information and feedback from Puerto Rico with you. A part of the donation we sent, went to the Rotary Club in Puerto Rico. They really went to extra mile to insure they impacted the right […]

Micro plastic

Everyone talks about micro plastics, but what exactly is micro plastic? Microplastic is defined as plastic particles smaller than 5 mm. However, such plastic particles can be as small as a few micrometers in diameter. Such particles are sometimes produced especially as abbrasives for peeling cremes. Although, more often they are remains of bigger plastic […]

The mysteriously blue drink

In the blog last week, we recommended to try the local cocktail of Curaçao. The most famous cocktail is the blue one. So, when you invite your friends the next time and you need a special surprise for the evening – with this colorful cocktail you convince your friends at first sight.   An official Curaçao liqueur has to […]

New Years resolutions for DrinkPure

Drink more …. Of course more DrinkPure water 😉 ! Outsource unnecessary jobs  (buy a robot-cleaner) Kiss more.. for one kiss you can share with your partner 80000 million bacteria. Your DrinkPure water is already clean enough! When you’re feeling really stressed out, just take a bath. Do not fail our new year’s resolutions for […]

Christmas Dessert

Only a few are days left until Christmas and always the same question: …What should we cook or bake for the Christmas-Dinner. What about a cinnamon parfait with hot plums? Just to write about this delicious dessert is enough for me to make my mouth water! Fortunately, the day after tomorrow I can eat what […]

Christmas story – Snowie

You think the life of a snowflake is boring? YOU ARE WRONG! The adventure of Snowie started over the Ocean. During a cold night, a few water particles cuddled so hard that they just stuck together: Snowie was born! More and more freezing water joined Snowie. So she was steadily growing a perfectly hexagonal body. […]

PUNCH – Enjoy cold winter days before Christmas

Enjoy the cold winter days before Christmas in your living room with a cuddly blanket and a self-made punch or outside with the shiny Christmas lights. The punch will always taste better with DrinkPure filtered water ?. Punch-Recipe with DrinkPure water 200 ml elderberries juice 600 ml apple juice 1 cinnamon stick 4 cloves 1 teaspoon honey […]

6 big reasons to visit Curacao

Curacao is one of the ABC-Island in the Caribbean Sea and it forms a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands . I was there with my companion DrinkPure HOME. Culture – Curacao has a multifaceted culture, because of the long and varied history. As culture diverse as the people are also is their language. Most […]