6 big reasons to visit Curacao

Curacao is one of the ABC-Island in the Caribbean Sea and it forms a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands . I was there with my companion DrinkPure HOME.

  1. Culture – Curacao has a multifaceted culture, because of the long and varied history. As culture diverse as the people are also is their language. Most People speak Dutch, Spanish, Papiamentu, the local Creole and English.
  2. Colorful houses -I never have seen such a colorful city as Willemstad before. You can find this Dutch colonial buildings in every color and none looks like the other. I found myself wearing a broad grin all the time.
  3. Bridges – All bridges are named after some of the most memorable Dutch queens. The fascinating hinged Emma-Bridge is a pontoon bridge capable to swivel sideways for the boats to pass. During this time pedestrians have to take the free ferry transfer to get to the other side of the port. Queen Juliana Bridge is one of the highest bridges, (185 feet) built so high that tanker ships can enter the harbor.
  4. Beaches – You can find beautiful beaches on the island, the water is very clear and  has the dreamlike color of turquoise. I recommend to visit small Curacao with a boat, this spectacular place is beautiful for snorkeling. If you are as lucky as I was you will see dolphins and sea turtles.
  5. Cocktail – You can’t go to Curaçao without trying a cocktail with the famous local liquor. According to the motto Colorful you find the cocktail not only in the color blue, they produce it also in orange, red, white and green.
  6. Desalination plant – I was surprised to see that Curacao has a desalination plant. So it means the water quality of Curacao is very good, I just had some rust on the membrane of my DrinkPure HOME, which I installed in my hotel room for the two weeks stay.

If you have further questions about the destination Curacao, do not hesitate to contact us. Or write your impression in our blog.

Greetings Ramona

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